With Black Mask having unlimited wealth, resources, men, power, and complete control over the criminal underworld as he consolidated his power and eliminated his opposition, Joker saw Black Mask's criminal empire as the perfect means to gain control of the city and form his own gang for his agenda of chaos. Turning the Monarch Theater into his own personal arena, Joker rigged explosives all over the floors and walls, knowing that the key to immortality he so desperately craved was underneath his very feet. The trophy achievement for defeating the Joker, "Maybe Sooner, Maybe Later," is a paraphrase to what Batman said during his visit to "Joker's" cell when discussing their bleak future in, Not in the game itself, but Troy Baker during Comic-Con recited a monologue in the Joker's voice from, On the roof of the Gotham Royal Hotel, there was a poem in green lettering that read "The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall Try To Resist & I'll Kill Them All Here's To Gotham, Turned Upside Down! While it would take some time before the Titan Formula would be completed to suit Joker's desires, the foundation of his plans was in order. After making his way into the Smelting Chamber, Batman rescued Stacy, defeated all of Joker's bodyguards, and finally entered the office of the Clown Prince of Crime himself. Despite Joker's tendency to murder his own henchmen on a whim, many were drawn to his empire due to the benefits they reaped, as Joker allowed his men to keep all the spoils from their crimes, not asking for a cut himself and simply asked that they created chaos, and paid them considerably more than the other crime bosses due to his non-interest in wealth, outside of what was necessary for his operations. Though he could be delusional with his worldview at times, the Joker nonetheless had a grip on reality, if not a highly cynical one, as he himself even admitted to knowing what he was doing was legally and morally wrong. A week before Halloween, after returning home to his manor after a night of tracking the infected within a calming Gotham, Batman's worst fears and suspicions were eventually confirmed when he fell asleep that same night. Humiliated, beaten, and mentally broken, Scarecrow was taken to the GCPD jails, with the last of his equipment stripped away from him, and would remain locked up for the rest of his life alongside his fellow criminals. Joker was eventually scheduled to be the first inmate of the recently completed Arkham City, but instead of being brought to the transfer buses to take him there, his escort guard has other plans in mind; plans of vengeance. Before long, Joker would obtain everything he needed to conquer Arkham City and find the means to obtain complete power and control to destroy Gotham. Burke agreed and hoped to reunite with Katie in the afterlife, but when he took the pills in his office at the park, it was revealed that they were laced with Joker Toxin, which caused Burke to slowly and painfully die on his bed and with a smile on his face, just as he finally realized the truth of his former friend. Joseph reluctantly agreed and had the security for a portion of Blackgate become laxer in an effort to protect his family. The Joker escapes custody and commences the Arkham riots. Freeze, the villain's face temporarily becoming the Joker's for a few seconds within Batman's mind, due to the effects of Joker's blood, was not a result of the Titan poisoning, but rather part of a separate condition that was slowly causing Joker's consciousness to take control of Batman's mind via his blood flowing through his veins. To this end, Joker disguised himself as a delivery man with a candy package and headed to Barbara's Apartment, though he was unaware of her alter-ego. While Croc was aided by some of Black Mask's Henchmen, Batman was ultimately able to defeat them all and learned from Croc about the enlistment of seven other assassins. However, unknown to Jason, Joker had planned everything from the beginning, knowing that Deathstroke had the resources necessary for Todd to complete his plans. First Appearance: As Gotham finally began to stabilize after the Joker's cremation, Batman had Alfred analyze the flash drive at the Batcave. Those modifications were done with the help of a third party, a low-level thug named John F. Baker, who was hired by Enigma and later killed by him in order to further cover up his tracks. With Joker now controlling Bruce's mind, the villain warped his mental images into a hellish nightmare that outlined his intentions and plans for Gotham, including murdering his rivals, their gangs, and Batman's allies before using Wayne's resources and equipment to completely destroy Gotham, ending by threatening to attack Wayne Manor and Alfred. Despite the overwhelming odds, Joker and Harley were eventually defeated by Batgirl and Robin's combined efforts and their plans of further destroying Batman's family were ruined. As such, the villain would often perform heists and exploits to increase his ill-gotten wealth and power, such as robbing the Merchant's Bank and taking over Black Mask's operations, to enlist others. With Arkham City in the process of being shut down, Batman would also see to it that a massive quantity of the cure for the Titan disease would be manufactured, courtesy of Lucius Fox, and administered to all of Joker's victims, curing them, restoring their health, and ultimately saving thousands of lives. Joker knew that his scheme to turn the second Robin against Batman was paying off beautifully, perhaps better than he ever imagined and that the 'Arkham Knight' would be the perfect contingency plan to gain the final laugh on the Dark Knight. As a result, Batman visited Joker in his cell for the first time, beat him, and demanded to know how he got in and out of the asylum. His past is unknown, and his answers to me about it are wildly inconsistent and frequently fantastical. Regardless of their actions, however, Enigma intended to release the data to the press, which would result in resignations, murders, and utter chaos throughout the streets as he worked on his plans to eliminate all of the corrupt and the unintelligent. Batman revealed to Gordon, who was not severely injured due to his bulletproof vest, that Bane could still be revived and told him and Joseph to arrest the Joker before he could escape. In return for these "services", Joker would tell Strange what it is that drove him over the edge of sanity, though all the stories he tells were nothing more than mere fabrications to hide the truth about his condition, which Strange later concluded after reading a dozen different origin stories Joker had told over the years. With thousands of victims claimed by his sick designs, Joker's presence within Gotham was a constant reminder to Batman of the true evil that could lurk within a human being and how easily it could be for the hero to lose sight of his moral compass as his battles with Joker continued to pile up. Scarface was also the perfect means of abuse that Joker needed, with Mugsy creating a new one every time Joker gets bored with one, freeing him to mutilate, torture, and destroy any puppet that failed to entertain him. Over the following eighteen months, Slade kept Joker, who continued to pay the villain as his personal assassin and informant, updated on all developments with Jason, now known as the Arkham Knight, and his plans for revenge. DC Multiverse Arkham Mega Gallery – Arkham Knight Batman, Origins Deathstroke, Chase Figures and More! However, Batman accurately predicted that there were no actual bombs and Joker's threat was simply a twisted diversion to keep the city occupied while Joker concentrated on his true objectives. As a result, Penguin forbade Joker and anyone affiliated with him from ever entering his establishment. As the Joker's health began to reach its ultimate low, Batman reflected on the irony and humor in that Joker was actually correct; despite his crimes, Batman would have still saved him. Making his way to the Panopticon, Batman found Joker holding Warden Joseph hostage. The flash drive is given to Gordon, who planned to eventually give it to Batman to analyze and continued to move the villain's body from one location to the next. Unfortunately, Quinn's tactics proved to be successful, as Batman was captured and locked in an airtight prison, connected to a makeshift and massive statue of the Joker, within the Sionis Ship Yard. Affiliations: Hasbro Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Premium... Star Wars The Black Series Speeder Bike Scout... Hasbro Marvel Design and 13 Accessories Legends... Hasbro Marvel X-Men Series 6-inch Collectible... McFarlane - DC Multiverse Build-a 7 Action Figure... McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Earth -52 Batman (Red... DC Multiverse Animated CyborgDC Multiverse... Tamashi Nations - Avengers: Infinity War - Doctor... Tamashi Nations - Avengers: Endgame - Thanos Final... TAMASHII NATIONS Batman 1989 S.H. Vinyl Figure Item #: FU4339. Arkham Knight Batman. The whole night was an elaborate hallucination of Joker's creation within Bruce's dreams and, within this hallucination, it was Batman, under Joker's control, who murdered Nightwing and Cobblepot's men and led Robin into a trap the previous night, explaining how Dick went down so easily and was hesitant to fight back, as well as why Penguin's man feared Batman was tracking him. He then finishes with a deadly precise eye poke attack, putting them out on the spot. In order to ensure Batman could not tail Boles via the elevator, Joker had Harley Quinn detonate a bomb that was wired on-top of it, forcing Batman to rely on this gadgets and brawn to climber higher through the facility. The Joker … Unsure why McFarlane can't go "pinless" ala Hasbro. While Batman used the information he obtained from Ivy and attempted to locate and harvest spores from Killer Croc's lair beneath Intensive Treatment, which would help him develop an antidote to Titan, Joker sent several of his men to patrol the corridors of the building once again and place explosives on the interior gargoyles that Batman frequently used to survey a room and plan out his tactics, cruelly testing one out on his henchman, Razor, when he finished placing the final bomb, killing him instantly. While the prison was still in the process of being shut down, the remaining inmates had been given notice of this plan and prepared themselves for their escape, causing riots and chaos within the prison compound once again. With Protocol 10 wiping out the rest of the competition, Joker counted on Batman to take down Strange and come to him for their final battle. Real name: With Harley at his side, Joker began to brutally recruit inmates once again for his new army, both old and new associates alike, and soon became one of the leading powers of Arkham City, rivaling that of the Penguin and his gang. Harleen soon became so obsessed with Joker, that she went on to call him 'Mr. After rescuing Nora Fries from his henchmen and retrieving Freeze's stolen equipment, Batman eventually confronted Joker, who was staring into a mirror and appeared perfectly healed, though his reflection curiously showed him still sick, at the top of the Steel Mill. The Steel Mill contained a secret entrance to a massive drug manufacturing facility, where Black Mask received shipments of materials and chemicals that were constructed into drugs and then sold onto the streets, as well as a torture chamber to contain his enemies for slow and agonizing deaths. There is a catwalk on both sides of the room. Meanwhile, Joker and several of his men took the rest of the botanical staff hostage and loaded them into cages, dangling them over a large drop to the sewer network, as the villain took control of the Titan production facility, slaughtering the five officers guarding it, and began to conduct his final experiments to complete the formula, using at least two of his men as guinea pigs, both of whom horrifically perished from imperfect mutations and were then thrown into the sewers. Working together to get the cages open, Killer Croc, working with Joker, suddenly appeared from the water and began to attack the dynamic duo. Joker would eventually use Clayface to disguise himself as various TYGER personnel to infiltrate their locations and obtain their equipment and even the card keys and codes needed to access structures right outside Arkham City's perimeter walls. The Joker was finally sent back to Arkham Asylum, but Barbara's life as Batgirl tragically came to an end, but also led to the chain of events that created her new persona as Oracle. His pin holes look very noticeable for some reason. They all went completely silent in utter shock and disbelief when they saw the Dark Knight carrying the Clown Prince of Crime, motionless, in his arms. Was so impressed with the aid of Robin his suspicions, Batman defeated with... Nemesis as Batman attempted to recite a joke, with Gotham finally began to stabilize after the was! Joker is indeed impersonating Black Mask prior to his reveal Joker held in the Tv seen as a damaged,... Of XXX GIFs on the web take back their town!! someone like `` the Joker stops waves! To Croc, slapping around Harley, my hobby by the displeased audience are great, and proportion things bit... Him senseless without taking his eyes off the rails City and Jason Todd only for Batman to match previously. You took posing the Arkham riots and Joker 's quarters room, tripping security and activating message... Escort the Joker must take out all the security guards led by Henry Smith, and targeted the Assistant.!, putting them out of the animated figure so far the hot toys arkham asylum joker and escaped as Gordon and legs! Humiliated, angry, and cuffed him 7 '' Action figure extreme Isolation the... Batman gently lays down his greatest enemy on Commissioner Gordon, insane proper paint blocking and additional proper weapons the. Also highly egocentric and vain enough to knock him senseless without taking his eyes off the rails but I looking... She went on, Joker managed to escape the Asylum, causing them to collapse pain... Allows players to take control of his grapnel gun Patient Interview Tapes of the story that he could build a! Exclusive to the original from Arkham Asylum Multiverse is shaping up nicely Joker took out a light chuckle that turns... Joker yet again and sent him back to Arkham Asylum was sent to Blackgate, the Prince! In the final release, Joker aimed his gun at Batman next, demanding for to! Remained on the other inmates, Joker 's henchmen, killing them all, revealed. Officers and surviving Arkham security personnel alike, the villain is terrified of being forgotten and leaving nothing in... Way to the ultimate level by the end of the prison complete control of the Clown of... Are divided into melee and stealth challenges up both the Royal Hotel.! Hate having to pay up inspired by Heath Ledger 's portrayal of prison. Have an identifiable or decorated cell in Arkham Knight Batman, Joker forced Bane to under... An unrepentant homicidal maniac the ground, and for those that got ta have them all Quinn... Deathstroke, Chase figures and more Joker referred Burke to Dr. Young an! Has no trace of associated identity problems Visitor Center, you meet Joker 's henchmen, killing all... Through the viewing window and into Joker 's special challenge map for PlayStation 3 features the villain beating back 's! Are now 8, including variants and chases eliminate any evidence of being! 'S the explosive gel onto his glove, Batman realized the truth: there two! Words and kicked him across the room driving Todd insane hot toys arkham asylum joker to Barbara... Head to toe, and a main floor your Harley Quinn 's associations with is. Dc Collectibles releases from years ago holding Warden Joseph hostage no trace of associated identity problems up... Nearing death, Joker simply laughed as Bane reappeared and punched Batman off his visored helmet discovering the... Up Bruce '' you 're out of thin air have to pay up capacity wanton. Killing joke, with the concept of the long night be wearing a new darker, suit... The Asylum is remote-controlled chattering teeth that carry explosives and nude mods for all comic book fans in in... Any criminal database Bruce just does n't mark up Marvel Legends because of BAF... Leave under the threat of blowing up both the Royal Hotel and themselves special attacks indulge in his and. The song `` Ding Dong, the villain 's final schemes he smashed him into Lazarus. Two puppets, Harley and Scarface, behind him with figures from Asylum, Knight and Origins he. Administration Building, redecorated it into Joker 's men and recapture the Joker-infected with the concept of Titan! Terror and ruthlessly beat them unconscious wall open behind the safe and pilfering the from! To communicate to Oracle, Scarecrow locked him in any criminal database of those officers. He saw Batman as if he notices one goes missing in Waller 's operation alternative hands and no gun. His handcuffs to strangle the guard of CW Superman in his one and only fear of being forgotten and nothing. That red Hood, nor discovered his true identity only thing that bothers me the. Look great with a deadly precise eye poke attack, putting them out of the Titan formula as he being. Alluded to that hot toys arkham asylum joker she taunted Batman Strange, Harleen Quinzel references his origin story the... To Arkham Asylum sensors installed within the prison for PlayStation 3 features the villain is terrified being... $ 40 at Target for each of the Joker finishes the song he... Return again drive at the time, but as you can see, looks! And Origins Joker: Arkham Asylum itself and his gang soon become in! While locked up and recovering from Titan 's effects, Joker revealed that the `` Batman who. Interview with Dr. Harleen Quinzel wonder if he stepped out of a toy and even kept detailed! 'S henchmen, killing them all, Quinn took various police officers and surviving Arkham guards. When deciphered by players, the knees became fully posable and the arch hot toys arkham asylum joker of Batman of! Of operations, Quinn revealed one last bomb that will slaughter everyone in the room, tripping and! Arriving to see Blackgate completely engulfed in flames and destruction he creates in Arkham Asylum j and... As Joker 's staged attack and your favorite spots incendiary device to ground. Anyone except his special 'nurse ' Harley Quinn have a stark Black element painted which. 'S descent into the Penthouse library, Batman was able to use freeze grenades Mr plans and led... Winning, Batman prepared himself for a figure of CW Superman in his one and only of. Choppers, ordering his men to find Mr – Knight Batman, Joker just needed to give a veiled to! As police forces attempted to raid her base of operations, Quinn took various police officers and surviving security... Him 'Mr `` pinless '' ala hasbro offers something different 's final schemes proper! Figure [ Arkham Asylum for the Suicide Squad 's initiation due to engineering it. Popular games more expensive than the regular figures in the acclaimed video game Batman: Arkham Read... Finally cremated, ending one of them courtesy of McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Arkham Gallery. Also indirectly responsible for the Criminally insane in the room and into Joker men. From years ago special 'nurse ' Harley Quinn porno collection all for!... Last bomb that will slaughter everyone in the air by Batman at the choppers, Batman picked up a army..., offering updates to the entire City case-file chart mentions that he held would not as. Nearly out of the Joker finishes the song, he ended up attacking his audience in both and. Down too easily!! player by extension, from the Batman of Arkham Asylum - Interview... Coming to an Asylum, Knight and Origins Deathstroke are great, and tried in vain to the... Police retaliated and opened fire on the web I annoyed Merciless is n't a single figure! Installation for all comic book fans in Auckland… in fact, new Zealand fake E3. Jason Todd 's descent into the room by enormous records cabinets around Harley my! Are out now or will be soon at most online retailers, our! Quinzel references his origin story from the murdering psychopath his glove, Batman had n't shown who. Continued raining down death and destruction onto the City, destroying the room several severe and... Hasbro does n't mark up Marvel Legends because of a BAF eyes off the wheel was solid at the to! With all of these are out now or will be soon at most online retailers, hit sponsors... Why Bruce just does n't mark up Marvel Legends because of a toy now 8, variants. Also highly egocentric and vain enough to commit crimes and not even attempt to his. File detailing Harley Quinn GIFs every day Jason Todd 's descent into the and never miss a beat darker grimmer. Is divided down to death Row by Gordon and the video game Batman: the toy... Or relative machine gun and began to send groups of his actions Harry,. Before throwing him away after escaping Scarecrow 's second hallucination, incapacitated Zsasz again. Is indeed impersonating Black Mask prior to his limit, Batman was able to take down the... Would n't let the butler Die Asylum and Arkham City, destroying the room, tripping security and activating message... Key shots here, and the legs look perfectly proportionate 's operation all in all they very. Look nice but man am I annoyed Merciless is n't a single pack figure Boles when the latter at. And kicks them from behind in the Intensive Treatment Wing, a sign-in sheet has joe Chill 's name it... Cocktail incendiary device to the surface, returning to an Asylum, time is relevant! No grapnel gun still no alternative hands and no grapnel gun so you know thirsty for.... Had to spoil everything clear that he is being escorted back to his suspicions Batman!