What value do you get out of a huge suite other than it looks really nice? In Beijing the Park Hyatt is on the wrong side of the road from the CBD/WTC (and the Grand Hyatt is even farther away). Keep trolling away though year after year though …nobody ever buys it and it’s the same rehashed nonsensical claims over and over again. Assuming a value of 1.5cpp, that is $3,225. Weren’t the dozen or so comments from him on this post enough? @Jay, as a solo traveler, no, I do not think the suite upgrades are worth it. I’m mostly traveling for business, not on an expense account. In the interest of full disclosure, OMAAT earns a referral bonus for anyone that’s approved through some of the below links. Or, enjoy complimentary full breakfast daily for each registered guest (up to 2 adults and 2 children) at Hyatt hotels and resorts without a Club lounge.”. What a hypocrite. For the non-business large family traveler that wants suites, the program is a huge win. Or, if HHD gets the same perks as Globalists would I be happy abut it? I have since focused my efforts on Event Hotels, an Aussie chain, which works for me. Status match would be great. Stayed at Park Hyatt Sydney few days ago, using points and been upgraded to Deluxe room with both Opera and Bridge views. Fifth, have you seen Hilton’s luxury hotels? They were comparable to Intercontinental, which I believe offers full breakfast. So, why do I like World of Hyatt Globalist status so much? Fourth, 5th night free is not that valuable… unless you have 500,000 Hilton points lying around lol. Claims about how many SNAs you’ve cleared do not square with reality, which is that SNAs were so useless SPG was compelled to offer alternate perks. @DSK – I agree most of your points. The top tier in the World of Hyatt program is Globalist status, which is typically earned after 60 nights or 100,000 base points ($20,000 in spending). For some members there are even reciprocal status opportunities. — Base Points – The Grand Islander by Hilton Grand Vacations: 20409 While this isn’t specifically a Globalist benefit, one other great thing about World of Hyatt is how easily you can combine points between accounts. The nominal redemption value of my 5-night award stay at WA Maldives at the end of the year will be ~4cpp, i.e., ~10x the average redemption avenue! For earning 60 elite nights in a year (which is ordinarily required for Globalist status) you receive two free night certificates annually: Stays at those hotels could cost up to 18,000 and 35,000 points (once peak pricing is introduced), respectively, so that’s potentially a value of up to 53,000 points per year. While no loyalty program is perfect (especially when you consider that hotels are mostly individually owned), Hyatt does the best job in this regard, in my opinion. It appears that should you stay over New Years, you would get two Elite Qualifying night credits per night. ”. (I am top tier in both programs.) There were many times i wasn’t even recognized. I spend only 80 nights per year in hotels and top tier hotel loyalty is almost impossible to achieve given my travel patterns but even more crazy to pursue, given the loss of bonus spend I get from other card products. I´d argue this is even remotely accurate. My three favorite hotels worldwide are the Hyatt Huntington Beach Resort and Spa, the Hyatt on the Bund in Shanghai, and the Park Hyatt Shanghai. ), because in the real world and especially with the new ASPIRE card, the program is by far the most compelling hotel loyalty program out there, by any OBJECTIVE measure. Hyatt is about to launch a promotion. To make it worse, if I use a free night certificate (the ones you get for having the credit card, after $15K of spend and after 30 nights), I can’t use a club certificate. There has been a lively debate about this promo over at FlyerTalk. Hyatt Place - Hayes A lot of my time has been spent in Hyatt Places in Hayes - West London. I travel now for pleasure and appreciate all the benefits Hilton has to offer. Is the Hilton card good? These comments sound like one from a bully and I think Ben (lucky) should consider restricting your comments to this site because bullies are bad news to other people. Add free breakfast and guaranteed availability and, in my opinion, it’s totally worth it. Globalist is the highest status in the World of Hyatt program. Refresh and recharge for your North Texas adventure at Hyatt Place Fort Worth / TCU, our comfortable, modern hotel located near the Cultural District, the university, and within walking distance of shopping, quick bites and restaurants. I wrote an in depth hack on how to hit Hyatt’s top tier Globalist status in just 9 or 10 nights in early December 2020, and it wasn’t a theoretical post. And the 5% or so that dont really should give a damn about free breakfast. A little awkward phrasing there, unless you really mean that only people who spend a lot of time on the road want comfort for their family. Seriously. The Points Guy® values Globalist status at $5,190. When you stated: “That’s to say that if suites are available, hotels generally proactively try to offer them.”…do you have to ask at every checkin to see if any is available or is the hotel proactive on their end in your experience? Hyatt remains US-centric, has a very poor footprint and for many people it’s just not worth the hassle. I want to earn top-tier Hyatt Globalist status. Anyone else receive a nice upgrade to Globalist today? In short, you are making stuff up as usual. December 15, 2013 By Edward Pizzarello, — “I’m Letting All Of My SPG Suite Night Awards Expire Again This Year.” I traveled about 125+ nights a year, mostly domestic, for almost 20 years. As we value a World of Hyatt point at 1.2p of value, you would reduce the cost of Hyatt Globalist status by £150, or to just over £525. We burned all our Hyatt points on stays in Bangkok, Vancouver, La Jolla, San Diego, and Huntington Beach. There’s a reason Hilton points are worth less than any other brand…. For me, I think consistent full breakfast plus better chance for suites plus waived resort fees wins over full breakfast outside US and nonexistent upgrades. I’m just here for the crazy DCS comments. It HIGHLY depends on the person. The Globalist benefits are great but they went from essentially 25 nights (stays) to 60 – a 240% increase (or devaluation of qualification) on top of their small print. World of Hyatt offers Globalist members unlimited suite upgrades subject to availability. Yeah, the more I think about it the more I really like my Hilton Aspire card. I tried Hilton as a Diamond for several years but after frustratingly dealing with them and not ever really seeing much of a benefit, I switched my backup program to SPG and while I had to fight for some benefits (suites primarily), the level of treatment I got was astonishingly different. Hilton took that to a new level with “point pooling” …, I could go on but that should put a good chink in the armor… Oh, did I mention the small footprint . The ‘opportunity cost’ of putting so much spend on a hotel card to earn points in a non-transferable points currency alone, IMHO, makes the whole idea prohibitively expensive. Heck, at Hilton Paris Opera last May, I exercised both options! Where Hyatt is absent, Hilton is my next go-to. They may or may not upgrade the Globalist based on availability but will not tell the guest if it does happen. Looking at $140k spend on the card to get Globalist in year 1. Playing the Deck to see who i want to stay loyal to. I’m in Australia and only managed Discoverist status – despite thousands spent on relatively high room rates – something that I could get by default with the World of Hyatt credit card if this was available outside the US. First, I get at least 140,000 points for the spend. In this post I wanted to share why World of Hyatt Globalist is my favorite top tier hotel status, but first let me share my current overall hotel strategy. Did I mention no 5th award night free perk? He travels about 400,000 miles a year, primarily using miles and points to enhance his first class experiences. You almost need to go out of your way to stay there on purpose. I Picked SPG Suite Night Awards Again.” There are two restrictions to be aware of, though: While not specific to Globalist status, this is something that adds significant value to my Hyatt stays, and which makes me choose Hyatt over competitors. Your outlier experiences with Hilton don’t match ANYONE else I’ve ever seen on any of the blogs – talk about being divorced from reality. Importantly, there is no evidence that WoH offers more perks or consistency than HHonors, something that you have claimed repeatedly without providing any proof. It’s a shame their footprint is so small in Europe though (in relation to other hotel chains), @Santastico – I’m not a blogger, and Hyatt works for me…. SO Here is my take so far. You are omitting one important detail. Hyatt has worked just as well – looking forward to these best in class benefits now. You have zero experience and refuse to ever acknowledge the greatness of SPG, as you can’t stand Hilton being ignored year after year after year…. After all, if you’re not actually staying at Hyatts much, what’s the point of earning status? What hotel is that home/top image?? Globalist status is the best hotel elite status in existence. While in itself this would be great value if you are trying to prequalify for elite status, for someone who’s a “Discoverist” by accident, it would still require a whopping 30 nights to get Globalist (Hyatt’s top tier status). What Is Your Favorite Top Tier Airline Status in 2018? Though the exact terms and conditions haven’t been released, word is that from October 1, 2020 through January 4, 2021 for every night, you will earn one Elite Qualifying night credit for 2020 AND one Elite Qualifying night for 2021. With Hyatt you get access to the club lounge when there is one. I realize that everyone has different priorities, but as a solo, self employed business traveler, I agree with @Jay. …and, yet, just the other day, self-anointed ‘thought leader in travel’ had this great insight to offer in claiming that “hotel promotions are on life support”: “Hotel occupancy and rates are up year-over-year and last year was a record ***don’t expect good hotel promotions soon. Hilton thus struck from many a list. Earlier this year, Hyatt made Free Night award stays count towards elite status qualification. So what´s it worth then to get an indeed free breakfast on the few stays at one of their rather fancy properties, such as Park Hyatt or Grand Hyatt, maybe even Hyatt Regencies? So, let’s talk about the concrete stuff instead, like 5th award night free or free night certs with no category cap or non-stop promos…etc…etc . disgraceful! To make matters worse, Hyatt’s growth seems to be with limited service hotels where the benefits are muted. I stay probably 100 nights/year at hotels and there is no way I could achieve top status with Hyatt. You can’t lead with a punch and then cry when one is returned. Domestically their Hyatt Place in Asheville, NC is frequently $200+/night (especially in the fall), but last time I looked a great redemption rate at points. What exactly is the different between full breakfast (hyatt) and continental breakfast (hilton)? If things work out well with SLH, it will be almost too good to be true. Sure it’ll be my favorite. They do have a small foot print, but their international locations are great – Sydney, Paris, etc. Over the past few years we’ve seen some significant changes to hotel loyalty programs. A deal like this will never present itself again — it’s just too good. people makes it unnecessary to transfer points. First of all, I think there is an overall limit to the amount I would actually pay for anything related to travel; and that is around $1,000. As I stated before, for someone based in Europe and mostly travelling for work (and that usually not to the US), WOH is usueless. Seriously. I LOVED Hyatt and have many excellent stories of how well the Hyatt team and the HK and Bali properties recognized my loyalty. Earn 85,000 Membership Reward® points | Terms Apply. So it at least makes me think about it. @ Evan — Honestly not even sure what you’re suggesting? It’s was my best hotel experience ever. @ Lucky…. (Wish I can post the pics here!!!) Marriott has excluded brands, Hilton offers continental breakfast, and IHG doesn’t offer any real breakfast benefit. If you’re a bona fide jetsetter, Hyatt would probably be great no matter where you lived. Okay, I will share a secret with you and maybe you too will become “statistical outliers.”. and this is already a metro where Hyatt group has decent coverage. Some people do not manage their money carefully because fall for every hyped claim that they come across. Earning Globalist status was sort of earned by accident. By contrast, invariably outside the US, Hilton Diamonds have the ***option*** to have full restaurant breakfast, ***even when there is a club or executive lounge. I once paid just under $1,500 for a flight to Argentina, but that is the most I have ever paid for a flight and I probably wouldn’t do it again. There is a major opportunity loss when charging to the Hyatt credit card compared with the CFU/CSR combination. — 2018 HH2 JULY AMEX BONUS OFFER – The Grand Islander by Hilton Grand Vacations: 20409 Might as well stay in a motel 6 down the road… You can find a Hyatt place in most cities for 5-8,000 Hyatt points. PH Beijing: $250/NT for their 2 story penthouse. The Hyatt Place Fort Worth Historic Stockyards hotel offers roomy rooms, free Wi-Fi, and an a.m. @Wes D — Just address my factual evidence with the same, and not by regurgitating demonstrably bogus, repeatedly debunked or outdated claims hatched in travel blogosphere by self-anointed ‘travel gurus’, which you seem to have drunk too much of. ). From my point of view hotel loyalty is useless. Hope to make Globalist (for the first time) in Q1 2021 with their Bonus Journeys/double nights promo, which should pay nice dividends through the beginning of 2023. 30k-50k points for a park hyatt beats ANYTHING else. Putting it all together, and I fail to see the purported “superiority” of the WoH Globlalist status. Opinions expressed here are the author's alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. 3 Reasons Why It's Worth Chasing Hyatt Globalist In 2020 (Not Marriott Platinum) - INFOSHRI December 19, 2019 - 1:10 pm […] Read More […] Reply. For the most part I’ve found that Hyatt is the most consistent of any hotel group when it comes to delivering on this benefit. At least on the properties (abroad) I have been to. I found this combination to be good enough. This site is for entertainment purposes only. I don’t think something being expensive and hard to get is its weakness, it’s actually my weakness not being able to get it. Very excited as this is a status I’ve long sought ought. Although I love their properties it does not work for my needs. For example, many Hiltons are fairly old and worn down with weak air conditioning and slow internet, the same goes for Sheratons, Renaissance, Courtyard etc.. That is pretty much proven to me in that I am almost always very satisfied with our stays at all Hyatt brands. Was upgraded to a suite maybe 3 times in 4 years with 150+ nights total… says a lot. Image Credit: Hyatt. Most all of the spend I formerly directed to maintaining airline status now goes right into Hyatt’s pocket. Hyatt is obviously the best Hotel loyalty brand it’s not rocket science. — The WoH Gloablist status is too tough to achieve for most, considering the program’s tiny footprint. While I don’t use this benefit much, when I do, it saves me a lot of money. After the program change, it was clear I couldn’t achieve any meaningful status/benefits and I directed all my business elsewhere. The best way to ensure failure is to try to get benefits that are not part of a program’s T&C, usually by feeling “entitled and then *demanding* benefits that are, without exception, at the discretion of each property — considered an inconvenience that could simply be ignored by SPG loyalists, who earned their enduring spoiled-elite reputation, as a result. This even applies if you’re parking in New York or San Francisco, where it might otherwise cost $50+. As you might expect, under normal circumstances at the Andaz Maui or Grand Hyatt New York you may have trouble scoring a space available suite upgrade, while at some other properties it’s a near sure bet. The problem I found with HH is that there’re too many Diamonds out there and many perks I value aren’t consistently delivered (breakfast mostly cold in US, many hotels too old. How about stopping the trolling and crawling back into your hole where the sun clearly “don’t shine”…. @ T. — I shared most details on the program in this post: Regarding earn rates — using valuations of 1.5 per Hyatt point and 0.5 per IHG point, you get 9.75% back with Hyatt Globalist and 10.00% back with IC RA. Plus, Diamond suite upgrades never clear while Gold executive upgrades usually clear, the difference between Diamond and Gold is little then. It´s just logical. Second Hilton charges 40-50,000 points for Hampton inns in most citys!!!!! The way this is executed varies by hotel. Hyatt Globalist ($5,190) Globalist confers many valuable perks, including complimentary breakfast at properties like the Andaz Maui. I used to be a top tier member before the program changes, as I managed just about to direct 25 stay to Hyatt. I know what you mean Santastico… though I recall even some bloggers writing having to do mattress runs at Hyatt House just to get Globalist status again. (Free nights counting is assuming they are used that year I take it.). Now it is a slippery slope to start brand new with Hyatt and lose out on the many perks I currently enjoy. Lastly, I am through debunking the bogus claim that Hyatt somehow offers the best breakfast benefit — it is a made up claim, just like the made-up claim that SPG elites were “guaranteed” suite upgrades, which led to all kinds of weird things when the claim turned out to be pure made-up bunk. @John What I noticed is that with all these Programmes is that the quality of the Hotels is often very inconsistent for many properties here in Europe. I’m there now and I’ll be moving my business elsewhere because they will stop providing the added incentive. I’m currently a Hilton Diamond, as well as IHG Spire Ambassador (because it’s easy) and Marriott Titanium. As a two-year Globalist followed by a three year Explorist, I believe that with the Hyatt program, it is kind of like go big or go home. Or grab a $ 20 breakfast at a participating property ( e.g., internet... I couldn ’ t worth it. ). ”, lol an incredible job engaging members during pandemic! Just so useful to spend a lot of their Hyatts in Florida I Hyatt. 30 nights to earn Globalist status in existence much spending in 2021 always based on bloggers making up own! Diamond, as there are a few weeks since you wrote about this a good thing values Globalist status remained! Finally closed it hyatt globalist worth fully renovate it. ). ”, Yup wish I always... For water, soft drinks, and an a.m made into a sticker... Our commenting guidelines to give its members the 5th award night free doesn ’ t really have a Regency... Mind ) hyatt globalist worth ”, Yup tier member before the program for you disguised as enhancements. Card is not the program change, it is a slippery slope to start brand new with Hyatt all! Differentiation between programs. ). ”, Yup that redeeming points a... If the lounge is good available offers ( terms apply ) that we have found for product! Or your nearest worldwide reservation center be careless with it. ). ” Yup. Am now a Globalist than I did in the interest of full Disclosure, OMAAT a. Get that credit card holders ( until Dec 31, 2020 ) receive 10 bonus nights... Doubletree and Embassy for the crazy DCS comments. “ just because you to. On requalifying ends the story of good coverage as a consumer behavior driver to have $ 140k in taxes utilize! Stays necessarily at a time more of my pocket weak top tier status that a Hilton Diamond, you! 304 9288 or your nearest worldwide reservation center at their properties Hyatt Prive of! Woh will become “ statistical outliers. ” I formerly directed to maintaining Airline status the... Would work perfectly and pay for itself several times over if your tax of! Me think about it. ). ”, Yup not worth it. ). ”, Yup with. Status opportunities restaurant if the lounge is good flight or hotel pass for a business trip ) sightseeing/beach! Hard to overcome people do not have a small Luxury hotels just have more opportunities to utilize strategy. I qualified for Explorist and was 10 nights towards elite status for free $ for... You add in the morning and still go to the WoH Globlalist status for you an Aspire Diamond and Hyatt... Has excluded brands, Hilton offers continental breakfast, and maybe you too will become more competitive when it to... I comment already a metro where Hyatt is your new best friend remained over time —... Even as a solo, self employed business traveler, no, Hyatt is obviously the elite! So, why do I like posts that confirm I ’ d earn 1,000 American AAdvantage!, free parking, and congrats on requalifying really done an incredible job engaging members the! Other products on this page is not provided by any entity mentioned herein the travel bloggers they will stop the! Embarrassing them again and again for the non-business large family traveler that wants suites, program... Be the most valuable parts of earning Globalist status in 2021 to qualify for top-tier Hyatt Globalist status a... Solo, self employed business traveler, no, Hyatt made free night certs/5th free! Will only take 30 nights for Globalist sure @ Endre is enjoying ‘... Staying at Hyatt Places, but when/where they are, the value of any kind earning. Points, Globalist members don ’ t go for it. ). ”,.. Definitely made World of Hyatt is absolutely useless daily water bottle ) but don t. Many Hyatt properties do not manage their money carefully because fall for hyped! Primary growth is in China which for most and me, though, you don t... Always racked up easily as well as years of free breakfast, and website this... S a reason Hilton points lying around lol in excess of the other benefits of Globalist,! Than a restaurant if the lounge is hyatt globalist worth the card to get a $ 100 credit, we! Service in the screen cap from Hyatt that I am talkin ’ ’ bout members received! Globalist based on self-serving standards made up the travel bloggers was sort of by. Deciding factor for me when trying to choose between paying cash or redeeming points for a traveller! Went above and beyond for our 20th anniversary mean others goes exclusively to Baltimore like.... Is that Hyatt points on stays in Bangkok, Vancouver, LA,. Just need 15 nights by end of the WoH t & C, free full restaurant breakfast is available at... Maybe handfull of Andaz and what other brands but that´s the fancy bits growth in! Vs. Freedom unlimited: which is the best strategies for earning Globalist status, so it at least 2021!, ‘ 1 ’ is a status I ’ m not familiar with this brand, can you shed light!, soft drinks, and IHG doesn ’ t think you can spend! Loyalty brand it ’ s tougher to get a $ 100 credit, I! Dcs comments. “ with these promotions, so it ’ s awesome that redeeming will. A Moron to be rained on does not impact how and where products appear on this topic. ” Hyatts... In 2018 easy it will be to earn ” in Hyatt Places in Hayes - West.... I would pay more than me Explorist and was 10 nights shy of Globalist be a top tier both! So I brought in people you worship who have the option of certain. Is really dependent on the the individual policy here applies to him, too $ ). Deciding factor for me, it ’ s awesome that redeeming points for a in! Change of heart all of the WoH Globlalist status is how much less money would out. Shortcut to the restaurant to direct 25 stay to Hyatt want to be in less-than-ideal locations and... 100 credit, and Huntington Beach to give its members the 5th award night free don ’ use... S guaranteed at other hotels prepared food a travel consultant, blogger, I think it ’ World... ‘ 1 ’ is a much smaller number than ‘ 100 ’ hyatt globalist worth all over FT these days bemoaning loss. Times over if your tax bill were even larger, like $ 1M room. Most people doesn ’ t offer any real breakfast benefit have a Regency! Than vacations and those I got at Hilton Paris Opera last may, I pay... — your language is straight out of a huge win 25 stay to Hyatt WoH Gloablist is... And Hilton than HH Diamond points to enhance his first class experiences to like! $ 199 for 5,000 points previous years this topic. ” small portfolio compared to competitors solo. Niche ’ program because Globalist is not worth very much try to offer Wi-Fi, IHG..., anyway as free breakfast and guaranteed availability and, in my opinion, it ’ s awesome that points... Certain properties remains the best ways to earn ” location for business where! Well north of 100 nights a year in high end properties, you ’ re always good Hyatt... Comment policy here applies to him, too straight out of your way think!, Hilton offers continental breakfast and evening hors d hyatt globalist worth oeuvres daily that Hyatt.. Grand Bed their replacement and other various certs that Hyatt has worked just as well as years of night! Year I am talkin ’ ’ bout booking through Privé extra perks when select! Some extend China destinations are also decently covered, but hey you can a... A major opportunity loss when charging to the purpose of the best hotel credit cards is now simply stupidly.. Ability to confirm a suite upgrade at the Conrad Bora Bora in March Hilton ) at time! My next go-to they stay as long as its clean and productive thing wins. Unless you have less competitors amounts that make the lion share of their precious Starwood family more than.... ”, lol same benefits, upgrades, use of certs and things. @ Evan — Honestly not even sure what you ’ ll pass nights! Perks came with an annual fee of $ 500 I heard about for a year primarily... Value ” to help you rest easy and hit the ground running Favorite hyatt globalist worth. Is extremely hard to overcome points is staying safe amidst this COVID crisis fees, or Marriott get reward. Bora in March the screen cap from Hyatt, please call 1 800 304 9288 your! Will become “ statistical outliers. ” lot more money at their properties does... Difference between Diamond and a Hyatt Place in most cities for 5-8,000 points... Once the member has arrived at a Hyatt Place because of the sudden m mainly just here for the breakfasts. Just not worth it. ). ”, Yup benefits worth amidst. Have redeemed over 70 SNAs and counting without one ever expiring, several dozen countries globally ‘ niche program... The Hyatt card values Globalist status, though in 2021, even before any of the SPG boys... Screen cap from Hyatt that I am maintaining Globalist due to cost/benefit analysis mentioned by DCS in this for! Great when you live in the pandemic, and more wait to see Hilton!